ASIAN BEAR MEN's concept is to bind all groups of bears in the world. This aims to make all bears interact through a website that is designed for them to communicate with others. This group was made to show the new generation that bears like us should be known and accepted. Everyone is welcome to join ABM. As what people say, bears are so huggable. Have fun, enjoy, converse, fall in love and many more. Experience all things possible here in this website. Asian Bear Men is also open to all groups of bi-sexuals, gays, lesbians, ladies and gentlemen. More groups participate, more friends you gain. More Power to Us. God Bless Us!

A site where people and other groups meet and bond with enjoyment at its fullest. A place that can provide happiness and eliminate boredom and discrimination. A hangout spot where all feels delighted with interaction that surpasses one's expectation.

To build a site for friendship with equality, eliminate rudeness among others, accept anyone who wants to mingle and enjoy, go over hindrances or clashes with other groups and communities, tie bonds with friendship and love, and to build a society of nice people who treasure, care and love.

Always be yourself...

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